Welcome to my website !       

Having fallen in entomology from my childhood, I'd like to share this passion with visitors to this site.

I had the opportunity to make my passion my profession in 1998 by entering the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren in the section Entomology.

This work allows me to meet with passion every day many entomologists enthusiasts.

I first became interested in Entomology in general with a passion for beetles.

And then, little by little, I came to the family Buprestidae as a whole.

Only in recent years, after a wonderful meeting with my first Anthaxia I fell in love with these little beetles rarely exceeding one centimeter. My many summer vacations spent in Ardèche, as well as exchanges with friends entomologists and entomological purchases in scholarships have allowed me to get a good collection of beetles.

I hope you find you fun on this site.

Stéphane Hanot ou 

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